Computer Animation (7-8)

Creating animation is a complex process. In this course students will learn about that process as they work individually to produce their own ninety-second animated clips. Led by Oakwood teachers in partnership with experienced animators, students will learn about and work through the animation process. They will have workshops in storyboarding, writing, and editing, where they will learn about the fundamentals of creating a good story and effective ways to turn narratives into moving images, using Flash to create, alter, and animate their characters. Students will also use ProTools to record tracks for voice, music, and sound effects and learn how to incorporate them into their animated pieces. Along the way, students will watch clips from cartoons, considering issues such as changing animation technologies and why some cartoons are so funny. Students will also be inspired by a tour of an animation studio, where they will see past projects from storyboard to completed design and witness current projects that utilize varied animation techniques and styles taking shape.

Damon Falconer