Global Youth Leadership (10-12)

Join Global Youth Leadership Organization on a service learning trip to Bangladesh. Learn how to identify needs in your community and gain the confidence to do something about it. Learn how YOU can organize in your community, accrue donations, and start your own non-profit organization. During your time in the Capital, Dhaka, and explore the Garments industry, and talk to locals and understand the challenges living in the  capital and raising a family. Meet with local politicians and find out the steps the government is taking in order to help the poverty crisis. Travel to the District of Barisal and spend three days on a farm and experience what local farmers face on a day-to-day basis. Take part in cultural exchange with the locals and farmers a use ancient farming methods in a modern day society, and learn new agricultural techniques in the villages. Explore the Jute Workshop and meet the 20 women who are running it. We will culminate with work on a service learning project to benefit the locals.

Travel Dates: TBD

Approx Travel Cost: $3900

Sarah Culberson and Sheik Jibran