Jewish and Arabic Influences on Spanish Culture (9-12)

Enjoy an amazing adventure in Spain as you get to experience the unique cultural flavor of Madrid and the South of Spain. Start your immersion by visiting the Plaza Mayor in Madrid; have a ‘Tapas’ lunch while exploring the ‘Mercado of San Miguel’ and end your first day participating in a ‘Flamenco Dance Class’. All of this followed by trips to the cities of Cordoba, Granada and Seville where you will discover the mesmerizing Jewish and Arab influences in food, language and architecture. In Cordoba, tour and explore the Mezquite Cathedral, The Historic Centre of Cordoba and the Jewish Quarter. In Granada tour the historic Moorish quarter, The Alhambra Palace, and end your visit of Granada at the Arabic souk (bazaar). In Seville visit the Jewish Quarter Gothic Cathedral and the thousand-year-old, Royal Palace. You will also be able to improve your Spanish with near daily language classes and cultural trips.

Alicia Coffey and Ben Tsvirinko