Screenplay: The First Ten Pages (10-12)

The first ten minutes of any great film are the most crucial—in that short time, the film must grab the viewer and pull her or him into the fictional world. In this immersion, each participant will craft the first ten pages of an original screenplay that she or he creates individually. Although the focus is primarily on fleshing out those first ten pages, students will also construct a scene-by-scene breakdown for the entire story arc, developing setting, character and plot, creating conflict, assigning goals and raising stakes, and visualizing scenes and transitions. Participants will spend their days like professional writers: brainstorming story possibilities; researching on the Internet, in libraries, and through community resources; work-shopping their screenplay with classmates; screening, reading and analyzing the first 10 minutes of films such as Adaptation, Birdman, Casablanca, Little Miss Sunshine, Silence of the Lambs, Thelma and Louise and current releases at nearby theaters; and, of course, writing.  “Join us for Screenplay 2017—Coming Soon… to an Immersion Near You!”

Melissa Berton and Nathan Clum